Zindagi India to air Ukrainian shows

11th January 2017    9:35

Zindagi (New)

After the tremendous success of Turkish shows in India, Zindagi gears up to introduce a new territory – Ukraine; to Indian viewers.

As part of the channel’s endeavour to present great storytelling from across the world, Zindagi will soon launch ‘Snowdrop’, a specially handpicked Ukrainian blockbuster revenge drama, powered by Patanjali Shishu Care.

The story is about two step sisters, Nadya (Marina Dyakonenko) and Irina (Catherine Tyszkiewicz) entrenched in a sibling rivalry that push each other over the edge. This captivating story of love and revenge from the heart of Ukraine will not only enchant viewers with its superlative content but also give the audience an experience of a global palate.

The show will premiere on Monday 16th January and air every Monday to Saturday at 21:00.


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