UK TV Reach: B4U Music leads music genre in UK

9th January 2017    14:59

B4U Music

B4U Music

For years, B4U Music has been labelled as one of the most popular music channels in the UK and now its official!

According to data from BARB for week ending 1st January 2017, B4U Music has beaten some of the bigger Asian entertainment channels to secure an impressive weekly reach in its first week on BARB. In the UK, Brit Asia TV is only the other music playlist channel, while Zing is now positioned a lifestyle and entertainment service. Official data shows B4U Music recording a reach of 362,000 viewers. That’s a bigger viewership than Star Utsav, which could only register 137,000 viewers. B4U Music also clocked up a bigger audience than Brit Asia TV, which got 144,000 viewers. Zing, which broadcasts movies daily has a slight advantage over B4U Music. It had a reach of 541,000 viewers.

The top rated Asian channel in the UK remained Star Plus with 837,000 viewers (last week 910,000 viewers), followed by Star Gold with 676,000 viewers (last week 534,000 viewers) and &TV was in third with 671,000 viewers (last week 536,000 viewers). Rishtey Cineplex was in fourth with 638,000 viewers (last week 598,000 viewers) and Sony SAB TV next with 630,000 viewers (last week 486,000 viewers).

The next tier consisted of Colors with 571,000 viewers, followed by Zing with 541,000 viewers, Life Ok with 479,000 viewers, Hum TV with 435,000 viewers, Rishtey with 408,000 viewers, Prime TV with 384,000 viewers and B4U Music with 362,000 viewers.

The bottom tier consisted of Geo TV with 261,000 viewers, followed by PTC Punjabi with 249,000 viewers, PTV Global with 218,000 viewers, Sikh Channel with 172,000 viewers, Akaal Channel with 149,000 viewers, Brit Asia TV with 144,000 viewers, Star Utsav with 137,000 viewers and Akaal Channel with 120,000 viewers.


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