Sunrise Radio – End of an Era on 1458 AM

4th February 2014

It’s the end of an era and start of a new dawn! Dr Avtar Lit has been forced to hand over all but one radio frequencies in London, as Lyca Media acquire the companies that went into administration. BizAsia has been here providing you with almost daily coverage of the going-ons. Check out all the latest and coverage here.

Latest news
– Lyca Media has acquired Sunrise Radio 1 (1458 AM London)
– Lyca Media has acquired Sunrise Radio 3 (1035 AM London)
– Lyca Media has acquired Time 107.5 and Tristar 96.6
– Lyca Media has yet to name their newly acquired stations
– Sunrise Radio 2 (963 /972 AM) has now “morphed” into just Sunrise Radio
– Ofcom are yet to clear the licences of Lyca radio stations

Full stories from our coverage
12th February 2014Exclusive: Lyca Media talks about radio debut
11th February 2014Tony Patti confirmed as Lyca radio stations head
7th February 2014Ofcom confirms Sunrise Radio under scanner
6th February 2014New ‘Lyca Radio’ begins test transmission
4th February 2014Administrators confirm Sunrise Radio sale to Lyca Media
4th February 2014Sunrise Radio 1&3 go off as new owners take charge
4th February 2014Sunrise Radio Crisis: Sunrise Radio 2 rebrands
4th February 2014Exclusive: Lyca Mobile acquires Sunrise Radio Limited
4th February 2014Sunrise Radio Crisis: Administrators pull plug
4th February 2014Sunrise Radio Crisis: Sunrise Radio 2 becomes older
3rd February 2014Sunrise Radio Crisis: Administrator to confirm sale
2ndFebruary 2014Sunrise Radio Crisis: Lyca to fork out millions?
21st January 2014Confirmed: Sunrise Radio in administration
21st January 2014Report – Start of the end for Sunrise Radio?
20th January 2014Dr Avtar Lit’s companies go into administration

Before the administration
14th December 2013Hearing to wind-up Sunrise Radio Scotland this week
1st December 2013Sunrise Radio Group rebrands stations
24th October 2013RAJAR: Sunrise Radio returns to top after two years
11th December 2013Sunrise Radio’s HMRC debt to be settled today
15th September 2013In Audio: Avtar Lit confirms no more donations
10th September 2013Sunrise Radio broadcasts funding pledge shows
7th September 2013Sunrise Radio goes off air on digital radio in London
1st September 2013Sunrise Radio given 42 days to settle HMRC payment
28th August 2013Sunrise Radio Group in £400k debt; Avtar Lit denies closure
27th August 2013 Petition to “wind-up” Sunrise Radio filed in court
7th June 2013Kismat Radio goes off in Bradford on DAB
7th June 2013Sunrise Punjabi Radio goes off air in London
4th June 2013Sunrise Radio ceases on digital radio in Scotland
30th May 2013Sunrise Radio pledges for ‘listeners donations’
21st March 2013Sunrise Radio Group sells shares in Radio Plymouth
19th March 2013Kismat Radio removed from Sky Digital
8th March 2013Punjabi Radio goes off on Sky Digital
27th February 2013Sunrise TV & Sunrise Radio removed from Sky EPG
6th February 2013 Sunrise Radio & Punjabi Radio cease in Midlands
16th January 2013Sunrise Radio Group retains Time FM Slough licence
11th June 2012Sunrise Radio turns off digital feed in B’ham


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  • dhirajlal shah

    cannot listen on my i pad any more sunrise radio 1 any solution please?

  • Pradip

    The new 1458 is not up to standard .
    Was listening last Sunday morning aweful.
    The afternoon show with Anisa has gone down hill.
    Used to love her song selection but now it’s worse then aweful.
    This way the station won’t last much longer.
    Unfortunately I live in Kent and I can’t receive 963 or 972
    Come back Dr Litt

  • Kajol Kalsi

    Cheers for a very good news. Lit deserves this..JUSTICE AT LAST….