Star Life Ok to re-run ‘IPKKND’ in English

17th June 2013    21:09

'Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon' to re-run on Star Life Ok

'Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon' to re-run on Star Life Ok

Star TV has confirmed that it will be re-running its cult classic show ‘Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ in July on Star Life Ok (international beam including UK and USA).

The hugely successful show, which starred Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani, ended in December last year. At the time of its end, there was outcry from the show’s loyal fan base around the world. Lead actor, Sobti wanted to leave the show to pursue a film career resulting in the programme to end.

The broadcaster is now bringing back the show by re-running the whole series from the start in Hindi. Also, for the first time ever for a Hindi show, ‘Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ will be dubbed in English too so viewers can choose between the version they want to watch. The English version will be dubbed by professional voiceovers.

A launch date for both versions is yet to be announced. However, BizAsia can confirm the Hindi version will air during weekday afternoons and the English – early evenings. Both versions will be shown each day.

In India, the Star Utsav is likely to broadcast the show but a launch for this is yet to be confirmed.


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  • xaylan

    Hey does anyone know why the show ‘Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ English dubbed version stopped airing from life OK.

  • xaylan

    is there specific web i can watch the English dubbed

  • Shova

    Some one are saying only in USA and UK But in India it is telecasted on 11:30 am & 3:30 pm and in Bangladesh in 12:00 pm & 04:00 pm

  • Akshitha Bummy

    now it is september , they told it will run in july but in september also it is not being telecasted in LIFE OK.

    • Arnav

      hey which country u live in? because it is being aired in UK only!

  • mila

    What’s the timing ipkmd?

  • roopa

    Is it get telecasting in india? What is the timings of hindi version?

  • barunsobti197

    I love tha action of both sanaya and barunsobti.Again now i can see their action on famous serial IPKKND

  • Aafreen Siddiquie

    I never got this much hapoy even when i got nice percentage in ssc while i am literally flying and jumping in glee

  • Arnav

    I am so happy and excited to watch Barun Sobti in IPKKND again on my tv screen <3

  • Shelina

    ‘Aaj mausam hai suhaana, kapre doneh ka hai bahana what the what the what the” is not going to be the same in English dub over, you NEED khushi to sing that! I was hoping it was a second season with Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani. Honestly I’m a little disappointed to hear that it’s the repeat of the original, and having it dubbed in English is just going to ruin the emotional, funny and lovey dovey moments. :/ bring back Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Do for a second season with Barun and Sayana!!! That’s what everyone really wants!

    • Arnav

      season 2 is not possible
      its a gr8 news for people who can not even watch on youtube or anywhere else
      you can watch hindi version of it if you understand hindi
      dubbed in english is needed for those who dont even understand hindi

      • xaylan

        hey guys do u know where i can watch the English version of Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Do. I LOVE this series OMG but i don’t understand Hindi plz helpe

  • soaplover

    What about Gulf region

  • Selena

    This is stupid. If it was new episodes fair enough. But repeating old episodes from the beginning? If I really wanted to watch old episodes I’d watch it online. This is a stupid idea. This show finished in December and ended on a high note, by repeating these episodes on tv it’s devaluing the show. Once again stupid idea, and please don’t get be started on the English dubbed, totally ridiculous.

  • akansha

    i am a big fan of iss payat ko kya naan doon

  • Zara Hashmi

    thats great news……………

  • Zohra Anish!

    OMG yes yes! Now I can show this my friends. I have talked to them about this show sooooo many time, now they can actually see it for them selves, and understand it, since it is going to be dubbed in English.( I live in Norway so my friends are Norwegians, so they can’t Hindi) but I really hope they put the episode online as well. Please put it on YouTube!

  • chami

    repeat telecasting of ipk is a great decision, but unfortunately this article contains a very bad mistake. Barun did not leave the show for movies, and it conformed by himself 1000 times in every interview. He did not close the show, it’s a star plus channel’s decision. PLEASE STOP BLAMING AT LEAST NOW. Thanks.

    • Arnav

      yeah in fact we fans pressurized them to close the show with Arnav and khushi together.

  • Purvi Bahri

    I just wanna say one thing……….


    ~Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon forever~

  • Sabira Esmail

    what about africa

  • Sadhi Raichand

    Beautiful decision ! Hope 2 get a good news soon !!!

  • Nidhi Ramdin

    ipkknd is just gr8..and i am glad that others are getting the chance to watch it! really great love story between our sankadevi and chotey jii 😛 or khushiji and arnavji ^_^

  • priyatnl

    Why cant they telecast on Life OK in India also

  • priyatnl

    Wish it comes on a prime channel in India. All dont have Star Utsav here

  • pravishtah

    is this available world wide? or is it only in the UK?

    • Arnav

      only uk and usa

  • Chaddeesx

    Happy its being re-run butonly problem we wont be able to watch hindi version as it will be aired during daytime, but the dubbed English meaning no original voices of the characters O:O quite disappointing! I would have thought it would have been in English subs!

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