Exclusive: Rajan Singh leaves Lycamedia

10th October 2016    21:49

Rajan Singh

Rajan Singh

One of the industry’s leading media veterans, Rajan Singh has confirmed exclusively to BizAsiaLive.com that he has stepped down as CEO of Lycamedia.

Singh, who had an initial six-month agreement when he joined the telecoms giant in 2015, stayed on in his role for nearly two years. During his tenure, Singh spearheaded the media business at Lyca including re-positioning the two radio stations, Lycaradio and Dilse.

Prior to Singh joining, the two stations struggled in RAJAR ratings, which subsequently led to giving both clear identities. Lycaradio was revamped as a music-led service, while Dilse mooted as the group’s speech-led station with some of the senior presenters moving from Lycaradio to Dilse. According to latest data, Lycaradio boasts of an audience of 173,000 listeners, while Dilse has 103,000 listeners tuning in weekly – giving the 1035AM frequency one of its best ever figures. Singh has also been responsible for the Lyca TV service.

Singh handed in his papers last week and made the announcement to his staff this evening. A replacement for Singh has not yet been confirmed.

Singh, known for his work at major television networks such as Star TV, ZEE Network and Sony Entertainment Television Asia, has had an incredible journey with many pivotal moments changing the game constantly in the UK Asian media.

At Star TV, Singh was renowned for his regular meet and greet celebrity events, Star Parivaar Live events and launching the first HD Asian TV channel in the UK. At Sony TV, Singh was behind subscription bundles like Max Mix and ViewAsia, bringing together third-party channels to work together.

While his next move is yet to be confirmed, Singh is expected to work on various international projects, move forward his events business an continue work as a consultant for start-up media organisations.

BizAsiaLive.com wishes Singh all the best on his future endevours.


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