Overnights: ‘IPKKND’ ends on a ratings high

3rd December 2012    10:17

'Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon' ends on a ratings high

'Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon' ends on a ratings high

Star Plus’ much loved show ‘Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ ended on Friday night (30th November) with a huge audience.

According to exclusive data obtained by BizAsia from Attentional, an audience of 215,000 tuned into the final episode between 20:00 – 20:30 – One of the biggest ever audiences for the show. It peaked further towards the final minutes of the programme ending with 234,400.

Further good news for the show was that its late night repeat at 23:00 got the channel 52,900 extra viewers tuning in – peaking at 62,900 during the course of the show.

‘Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ has undoubtedly been one of Star Plus’ most successful shows – it was ended abruptly due to its lead actor Barun Sobti announcing his desire to leave the show. The production house and the channel decided to wrap up the show on a high rather than continuing it with a replacement actor or new stars.

The production house changed the storyline in the last minute by awarding its lead character Khushi the Mrs India title. Even though Sobti who played Arnav featured in the last couple of episodes – his scenes were added in separately as the star had finished shooting for the show before last weekend’s Star Parivaar Live event in UK.

It remains to be seen if ‘Kaali – Ek Punar Avtaar’, which launches in the weekday 20:00 slot can sustain the viewership that ‘Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ did over the past 18 months.

Above data is an overnight rating – and may change slightly after consolidated figures become available in seven days from BARB.


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  • Lexie

    I just need to say something,
    I watched the hole IPKKND with Barun and Sayana playing. And what was that end, how can you end a seire like that? That is so sad, and what is more sad is that they did a season two with two diffrent charecters, but I never watched it, I never will. Because no one is going to watch the serie with two new actors, they will never be Arnav and Khushi.
    I think it would just be better if evryone stoped watching serason 2. And then hopefully the director will realise their misstake. Okey, I am sure that the two new actors are great, but they need to realise that they can NEVER be Arnav and Khushi.
    I really hope someone understands what I mean??
    Heart broken 🙁

  • CalvinandHobbes

    Star Plus isn’t worth watching without IPKKND. All of their other shows can’t even be compared to IPKKND. The shows are so crappy SO many people cringe at the sight.

    I agree with Kiara. SP could have done SO much. It could have listened to the fans’ cries for the end of the Sheetal track, or in general, made sure what the writers were showing MADE ANY SENSE.

    SP failure to do this led to the PH taking advantage of this and introducing more and more crappy, meaningless tracks. No wonder Barun wanted to quit. This show was, unfortunately, killed by the PH. Even now, Barun says he might do other tv serials. Why couldn’t he have continued with IPKKND?

  • Karam Kaur

    I cant belive this im sooo sad i feel like crying they should come back and continue the show us fans will love it!:(


  • No1 will ever come to what IPKKND achieved&plse stop blaming barun we know that he wanted a break& I’m sure his fans will respect him no matter where he is 20:30 Will never be the same will miss Suran!

  • sonam

    I love ipkknd n i just cant believe its ended. It feels like a dream. It had only been running for 18 months! Ph n sp hav to bring that sarun/arshi magic bak otherwise they gonna hav hard time wwith its viewers. I havent tuned to star plus once since ipkknd ended n i dont intend to!!!!

  • Maitri

    After ending IPKKND I don’t watch STARPLUS. Please bring back SARUN. The new show “Kali” is not the proper substitute of IPKKND.

  • shree

    pls bring SARUN back…

  • jyothi chowdary

    hip hip hurray
    disapntng start ha ha ha ha ha
    they should get it

  • jyothi chowdary

    “kaali” this is the show replaced by our show right?
    after ending our show i didn’t even switched to starplus not willing to do it untill both barun and sanaya were together with new show. If not i’ll defnately forget about STAR PLUS (dn knw y i feel like slapping all the people who were responsible for abrupt ending)

  • Not ended in a high rating. High rate trp holding show ended. It must hv been aired atleast fr a year. So disappointing.

  • its seems to be very exiciting that every body is love ippknd bcz its a part of every one life and a memeber of entire fans family but the star plus and production house done vry stupidity thing by blaming the shut down show all bcz of barun which is not trure the channel and production house hide thier own mistakes and blame all that thing is happen bcz barun is wanted to pursue his carrier in film industry which is not true…

  • Nafisa

    SP i think now u can understand how much we love our barun and sanaya…so plz bring them back again in a new show…..

  • Mani

    Thats fantastic…..IPKKND the ultimate….will be waiting for SARUN to come back….till then goodbye Star Plus n Good bye Small screen…..

  • darshini

    why are they still blaming barun for it ??!, stupids !!
    ipkknd is the best, hope the whole cast work together ahain in another show !!

  • Nidhi Nevatia

    Awesome show few of us on twitter saw the 1st episode of # ipkknd yesterday at the same time 8:00pm.today the second episode.

  • Barun never said he wanted to quit, hear Noreen Khans interview, he said he wanted to rest…i dont blame him he looked so sick in the last epis, Star plus, u dont know what you have lost..u have lost all of us too…never watching or falling for a serial again….

  • No show can replace IPKKND

  • Plzzz make a return back pls………….can see any typd of come back let that be nokh jhok also but it was like a part of our routine like brushing teeth and breathing air……..real shock to hear the end……..Can’t believe that dis show is finish we miss u alot IPKKND…………<3 Sarun n whole caste of Ipkknd…………come back soon plzzzzzzzz

  • jyothi chowdary

    wat the hell

    how can other shows be equal to our ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON? it’s impossible. and obviously dis starplus lost viewers by ending our favourite show abruptly. dat’s intolerable so careful while u compare our show with others


      love your comment.v.good

  • Wooooow great news….now starplus will know what they have lost…. N i hope they will try to correct their mistake as early as possible by bringing our Sarun back with new romantic story… N sp plz take one more advice…if u restart ipkknd from start again at evening slot..it will too give more trp den any of ur ongoing show

  • I just cannot bear watching TV anymore leave alone another program replacing our dear IPKKND ….

  • So much could be done only if SP paid attention to what was happening behind the scenes with the PH and the story line. We would have seen better tracks and a longer version of IPKKND….I dont understand how they can put all the load on Barun only. What kind of a statement is that…I bet even now if they show the re runs from the 1st episode, viewership will be higher than any new show. I BET on that.



  • Such a shame that it ended, even though it’s so popular here in UK & around the world. SP & 4Lions made us fans very disappointed



    • rimi

      Yes we will do.

    • We will do it for sure….

    • jyothi chowdary

      yes i agree

  • Shagufta Farid

    star plus sud make Barun and Sanaya as a lead to another show other wise no body watch star plus …………….

  • Awsome news……….star plus shud understand what they had lost..ipkknd was the best indian serial ever, i guess they can understand this……how many fans are crying stil now ,its impossible to count, it was a serial for the youth ,for this generation boys and girls………….gonna miss ipkknd, no any serial can replace the popularity of ipkknd, i bet this…..

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