Norway begins FM radio switchover to digital-only

11th January 2017    20:45

Radio desk

Norway has become the first to switch of its FM radio broadcasts, making the switch 100% to DAB and DAB+,

According to RadioToday, the FM switch off began this morning with Nordland and will continue across the country throughout 2017. Troms and Finnmark, will be the last to have their FM signals switched off in December.

Patrick Hannon, President, WorldDAB cited in RadioToday said, “Today’s digital switchover is a hugely important milestone for the radio industry. The DAB platform is far more efficient than FM – offering both greater choice and clearer sound. With the start of the switch-over process, Norway is sending a clear signal across the world that the future of radio is digital.”

Ole Jørgen Torvmark, CEO of Digital Radio Norway, added, “This is a historic day for radio. We want to see radio continue its development on digital platforms, following the FM-technology that lifted radio from its beginning on AM. The Norwegian broadcasters are showing the digital possibilities today by launching five new radio stations, giving the listeners 30 national channels in total. The world’s first digital switchover is made possible through collaboration across Government, broadcasters and supply chain. Throughout 2017, the focus will be to help all listeners with the transition.”

In the UK, a switchover to complete digital radio has yet to be announced. A review is expected towards the end of this year. Switzerland will begin its switch-over in 2020, while Italy’s South Tyrol starts its switch-over to digital later this year.


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