‘Meri Durga’ to launch in 18:30 slot on Star Plus UK

8th January 2017    20:03

'Meri Durga' on Star Plus

‘Meri Durga’ on Star Plus

Star Plus’ new show ‘Meri Durga’ has been given an early evening primetime slot.

Star TV UK confirmed to BizAsiaLive.com that ‘Meri Durga’ will launch on Thursday 26th January at 18:30. This will then result in ‘Suhani Si Ek Ladki’, which airs currently at 18:30, being moved to 17:00 on the same day, opening up the channel’s early evening original programming.

‘Meri Durga’ produced by Ravindra Gautam and Pradeep Kumar, is about a father and daughter relationship. The young girl played by Ananya Agarwal aspires to become an athlete.

Updated: 12/01/17


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