ITV Studios prohibits Sikh Channel to air ‘Aaja Dine With Me’

21st December 2016    20:13

'Aaja Dine With Me' on Sikh Channel

‘Aaja Dine With Me’ on Sikh Channel

The Sikh Channel has been prohibited by ITV Studios to air ‘Aaja Dine With Me’, which has a strikingly similar resemblance to the Channel 4 hit show ‘Come Dine With Me’.

The Sikh Channel released a promo of its upcoming show earlier this month, which got tongues wagging in the industry for its similarities to ‘Come Dine With Me’. Interestingly, the name of The Sikh Channel show was also the same translated in Punjabi.

Talking to, a spokesperson for ITV Studios denied it had sold the format rights of ‘Come Dine With Me’ to The Sikh Channel. It said, “Come Dine with Me is a format owned by ITV Studios and where necessary we will of course take appropriate measures to protect our IP. We have contacted the Sikh Channel with regard to this matter and we await a response.” understands that ITV Studios has written to The Sikh Channel asking that they cease and desist from broadcasting or transmitting the programme. had contacted The Sikh Channel about the show but did not respond at the time of filing this article.

In Video: Promo of ‘Aaja Dine With Me’


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