Exclusive: Pakistan’s A Plus set for UK launch

3rd November 2016    20:45

A Plus

A Plus

Pakistan’s popular entertainment channel, A Plus has confirmed its launch for the UK after signing a deal with Evolution Media Network for Europe, America and Middle East.

The announcement was made earlier today in Pakistan after the channel’s chairman Abdul Jabbar and Chief Executive Officer, Sajeer Abbas sealed the deal.

A Plus will broadcast its popular shows in the new territories, which prior to this deal were syndicated to third-party channels. The deal will result in existing shows being phased out from rival channels and running exclusively on A Plus. The channel’s shows ‘Aun Zara’ and ‘Mera Naam Yousaf Hai’ did extremely well in UK market for ZEE Network and Star Plus respectively.

Incidentally, Evolution also handles UK/Europe, Middle East and America operations for Hum TV. Evolution also handles a newly launched news channel on Sky 854 named UK44. Speaking to BizAsiaLive.com, Evolution’s Director Sales & Operations Ali Raza said, “A Plus will be a good addition to the GE channels in UK and Evolution is determined to put best possible efforts to make it a success. We are blessed to have UK’s number 1 Pakistani channel Hum TV and Channel 44. A Plus will further provide us with the opportunity to serve our advertiser’s needs.”

A Plus is aiming to launch in January 2017 on the Sky platform in the UK. This will be the third big Pakistani general entertainment channel to be available free-to-air in the UK after market leader, Hum TV and Geo TV. ARY Digital remains behind encryption.


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  • SanSKPCFan

    wow awsome.. glas this channel is launching on sky as well

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