EXCLUSIVE: Colors new UK TV channel named Rishtey

14th August 2012    13:33


Colors to launch new free channel in UK

Viacom 18’s new Hindi entertainment channel that will be launching in the UK next month will be called Rishtey, BizAsia can exclusively confirm.

The channel will be a completely free-to-air and will replace Imagine Dil Se on Sky Digital EPG 831. It will complement sister station, Colors, which is a premium service. Rishtey will be used as a window to Viacom 18 programming including some original material that will be shown exclusively on the channel.

Rishtey will be available in the UK first and may launch in India and other parts later. Its packaging including logo and branding will be completely fresh but will still be unified with other Viacom 18 channels.

Rishtey will be overseen by Govind Shahi who looks also looks after Colors UK/Europe.

Its the first time an Indian broadcaster is launching an entertainment channel for the UK audience to carry on with the influx of free-to-air channels that have launched recently including UMP Movies, UMP Stars, Sony SAB, Aaj Tak and Sahara One.

Other details including Rishtey’s branding will be revealed exclusively on BizAsia next week.


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  • jamila motala


  • jamila motala


  • Moji Bamtefa

    Can any one tell me why the subtitle on PARICHAY has disappeared. It hard following Bani ishq da kalma and Na Bole…. please do not remove the subtitle on Parichay

  • gul

    If they telecast Bigg Boss season 6 on rishtey as well rishtey will rock…. Plzzz plzzzz plzzzz

  • Nameal

    The channel is going to start on September the 3rd . so you only have to wait 6 days for the channel. how do i know this because if you watch imagine dil se it will show that a new channel is going to start on 3rd Sept.

  • davinderssingh

    they have already started the tests

  • Davindersingh

    @bizasia : why haven’t you put the news in the homepage ?? is this news true or not ??

  • Davindersingh

    wow sounds great, hope they broadcast hindi shows not regional ones otherwise it’s gonna fail ! by the way great news !!

  • From Manesh

    This is a Excellant news for FTA viewers because sky getting expensive therefore we required in uk more FTA channels like a in India couple of hundred channels free and even they can get a cople of hundred rupees ,
    300 to 400 channels there, well done Govind Shahi bring more channels please thanks Manesh.

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