Exclusive: Colors confirm changes post ‘Bigg Boss 10’

11th January 2017    11:29

'Dil Se Dil Tak' on Colors

‘Dil Se Dil Tak’ on Colors

Colors has exclusively confirmed to BizAsiaLive.com programming changes that will take place after the end of its hit reality show, ‘Bigg Boss 10’.

With the finale of ‘Bigg Boss 10’ being aired on Sunday 29th January 2017, Colors confirmed that from Monday 30th January, new fiction ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’ will take the weekday slot, while new singing reality show ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’ will lead the weekend schedule.

The changes will see ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’ taking the 22:30 slot in India, while ‘Rising Star’ will air weekends at 21:00 in India. Timings for international territories including UK are yet to be confirmed.

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Updated: 12/01/017


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