Colors’ new channel Rishtey begins tests on Sky

28th August 2012    13:41

Rishtey set for launch in UK next week

Rishtey set for launch in UK next week

Colors’ new free-to-air entertainment sister channel, Rishtey has begun testing off the Sky Digital EPG today.

The channel is currently running testing programming through the old Imagine Dil Se channel ID. The Rishtey test also is scrolling the launch of the channel as Monday 3rd September. Rishtey will be available on Sky Digital channel 831 from this day as a free channel.

The broadcaster is keeping tightlipped about the channel’s plans but is expected to make an announcement later this week.

Rishtey will be the company’s first channel in the UK, which will run free-to-air. It will broadcast re-run shows of Colors and new offerings, plus movies. The branding of Rishtey is similar to Colors with the corporate multi-coloured petal and similar font.

Details below of how viewers can manually tune in to the tests:
-> Using your Sky Digi remote, go to Services Menu
-> System Setup (4)
-> Add Channels (4)
-> Enter frequency: 11.343 (V), FEC: 2/3, SR: 27500
-> Find Channels and Press SELECT
-> Highlight “Imagine Dil Se? service and press Yellow button.
-> Return to Services Menu
-> Other Channels (6) on STB / (8) on Sky+
-> “Imagine Dil Se? should be listed and available


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  • Shira Heeroo

    Can we have subtitle for Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga please? Thank you.

  • Krish

    please start Dwarikadeesh. i am very upset that you have stopped Jai Sri Krishna

    Please please kindly continue with these excellent programmes.

    This is the only way young generations will get to know and appreciate our culture and History

  • i want preeto and pardes me mila koi apna sa

  • star

    i want preeto and baba aiso var dhoondo please play them on rishtey

  • Tam

    I want to see preeto

  • Ishita

    plz play ndtv imagine show like preeto and haar jeet on this channel

  • SAlil

    Can you please play imagine tv programs especially preeto and haar jeet. Please we are waiting for these shows

  • Samzii

    I want imagine dil se back

  • Immy

    Why do Asian channels keep on repeating programs, this channel should put on New programs with random good old and new movies…. please please DO NOT Repeat programs like other channels

  • bluebird

    Why not big boss season 6 on rishtey

  • Wellwisher

    Steps to add the channel are not clear for skyhd box..

  • Zakir

    I will be happy if they show old programs of Na Aana Is Des Lado ect..

  • Nikhil

    Wish all the best Viacom Team in UK….!!!

  • davinderssingh

    wow old shows from colors that’s great

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